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Which Neighborhoods of Atlanta Are Best for Rental Investment

If you think that only professional investors know what is worth their money and what is not, it’s time to change your mind. Of course, special education will never hurt, but it’s not the only option. Turns out, there are alternatives: you can choose to master the art of investing or simply stay tuned to my blog.

Over the course of the last few months, I have researched the investment climate and opportunities in different parts of America, including major cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, Boston, and many others. This time, my attention is on Atlanta, Georgia. Keep reading to find out is it the right time to buy income property in this city and which neighborhoods will give you the highest return on investment.

Investing in Atlanta: Is It a Good Time?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Atlanta for buying an income property, but the following two are chief among them.

First and foremost, Atlanta is one of the fastest-growing major cities in the country. Hundreds of people from all around the US are flocking to Atlanta each year. According to the data of the U.S. Census Bureau, the city gained the fourth-most residents last year. As per today, the population of Atlanta is almost 5.8 million.

Second of all, the real estate market of Atlanta has been in a growth mood for the last few years and the trend is gaining momentum. Given that the metro area welcomes almost 100,000 new residents per year, it comes as no surprise that real estate developers are swamped with work. And it goes without saying that buying income properties could hardly go wrong here.

However, not all districts in Atlanta are equally good for buying rental properties. So if you’re serious about the idea and want to make the best bet possible, this article will help you do this.

Grant Park

Median rental price: $1,690/mo
Median purchase price: $367,000

One of the most expensive neighborhoods in Atlanta to rent, Grant Park is a place of choice for those looking for a laid-back lifestyle. Historic buildings make up the majority of real estate units in the area, but there are also some modern residences built in 2000 and later. Given the average rental prices, there is no wonder why local vacancy rates are slightly above the national average here. According to the most recent statistics out there, around 13% of all properties for rent are empty at the moment. Nonetheless, this district is sure the desired destination for most of the locals. So if you’re targeting properties of $300,000 and higher, make sure to take a look at Grant Park.

West End

Median rental price: $1,195/mo
Median purchase price: $153,000

Atlanta’s most historic and at the same time most picturesque neighborhood, West End is a great place to consider for first-time investors and those looking for quality income properties under $200,000. Especially popular among young professionals and families with kids, West End is a wonderful place for long walks, bike rides, and slow life. It is convenient and cozy and calm, which makes people flock to West End in pursuit of tranquility and quietness.


Median rental price: $1,380/mo
Median purchase price: $350,000

The second-largest business district in the city, Midtown might not be the most obvious choice to make if you are about to invest in a residential property. Nonetheless, things are not always what they seem. Midtown has no equal in terms of its cosmopolitan vibes and atmosphere, which makes locals dream of living here. At the same moment, demand for rental properties in Midtown outruns supply, which means lower vacancy rates and better chances to rent out to quality tenants.

Old Fourth Ward

Median rental price: $1,328/mo
Median purchase price: $399,000

For most of the people, Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward is the neighborhood where Martin Luther King was born and raised. This district was considered the most prestigious in Atlanta back in the 19th century but fell into despair in the 60s. However, these years seem like a new start for Old Fourth Ward. Thanks to small businesses and startups coming here in search of affordable commercial property, the neighborhood is slowly turning into a place of loft-like offices and hipster coffee shops. There are reasons to call Old Fourth Ward the most up-and-coming part of Atlanta, so don’t miss your chance to invest in local property.


Median rental price: $2,868/mo
Median purchase price: $350,500

Buckhead is the uptown district of Atlanta, which constitutes approximately a fifth of the city. The neighborhood is both residential and commercial. It is a financial and banking center, one of three business strongholds of Atlanta, besides Downtown and Midtown. The main business activity is centered around Peachtree Road, they are is highly urbanized with the high rise office buildings, hotels, and luxurious condos. This dense core is surrounded by residential neighborhoods with single-family homes surrounded by forests and park hills. Buckhead is universal in its investment opportunities, you can bet on the upper-class financial district and rent out to corporate professionals, or invest in more family-oriented locations.

Little Five Points

Median rental price: $1,200/mo
Median purchase price: $420,000

On the Eastside of Atlanta lay the gorgeous Little Five Points. The neighborhood was originally founded as a commercial district, place of business for the attached Candler Park and Inman Park communities. However,  commercial enterprises migrate to a more corporate side of Uptown and Midtown, leaving the LFP developed infrastructure and a taste for uptown lifestyle. The neighborhood evolved into the Southern version of Greenwich Village. The area became the Bohemian center, the dwelling of urban subcultures and the underground scene. The local business community is very active and proud of its heritage, constantly investing in new developments and restoration projects. Decent median rent and constant expansion of retail area and entertainment venues make the neighborhood a good place to invest.

Atlantic Station

Median rental price: $1,600/mo
Median purchase price: $269,000

Atlantic Station is a perfectly balanced neighborhood for investment. It is home to the low-rise housing: condominiums, apartments, and townhouses. It is also hosting large swaps of retail and office spaces.  The commercial spaces are built in the form of the large outdoor mall with additional two-three stores of condominiums above. The parking space is hidden in the large underground parking garages, providing 7,200 spaces for residents and guests. Streets of the district are pedestrian-friendly and constantly hosts different events, parades, public gathering, etc. If you want to chip in a well-connected, upscale part of the city at a modest price you might want to consider Atlantic Station.

Morningside-Lenox Park

Median rental price: $1,500/mo
Median purchase price: $755,000

Morningside-Lenox Park is an upper-class neighborhood in many respects. It is popular with young families, who adore local Morningside Elementary, with phenomenal programs for talented and gifted children. The neighborhood has one of the lowest crime rates in the city, so you can truly relax in many small and cozy parks. The area is in close proximity to Downtown and Emory University. Different restaurants and bars are within the walking distance. Additionally, there are small pockets of nightlife for different ages and tastes. You can find everything you need in this neighborhood, why live somewhere else.

Castleberry Hill

Median rental price: $3,200/mo
Median purchase price: $263,000

If you want to own something historic and authentic, you want to look into Castleberry Hill. It is an officially recognized historic district, with numerous historic sights and landmarks. Old buildings here have distinct architecture and style, while new developments try to live up to those fashion standards. Those are properties that never lose in price. The area is home to the increasing number of art galleries, small artesian shops, and restaurants. The most widespread residential properties are lofts and apartments. The neighborhood is less than a mile from colleges of Atlanta University Consortium and less than five miles from the splendid downtown campus of Georgia State University. That means a constant demand for rental property from local students and the lowest imaginable vacancy rate. Think about it!

In Conclusion

According to local real estate professionals, Atlanta is a prime candidate for having a stable rental market. So choosing Atlanta for buying-to-let is already a smart move to make. However, it is one of the major American cities I talk about, meaning there are plenty of areas to choose from within the city.

Hopefully, this article has helped you set your sights on a particular neighborhood. But if you’re still in doubt, don’t shy away from talking to local real estate investment associations. Rumor has it that Atlanta Real Estate Investment Association, Georgia Real Estate Investors Association, and Atlanta Metro Real Estate Investors Association are the best for the purpose.

So the bottom line is as follows: grab the guidelines from this article, talk to local professionals for additional advice, listen to your gut feeling, and may the highest return on investment be with you.


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  1. Information like this come handy for would be investors looking for a place to start. The city featured holds promise for both veterans and beginners in rental investment. Starting as soon as possible benefits not only the investor but also the tenants looking for a place to stay in the city.

  2. This article was absolutely very informative. We are relocating to Atlanta & will seek a
    Our the realty industry associations to become members for assistance with making investments & buying a home to live in.
    Thank you

  3. Just not sure of the rates quoted… Are these one bedroom minimums? You cannot easily find a rental for $1200 with more than one bedroom.