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Drones for Real Estate

If you are looking for a new career path, you should know that the drone industry is booming. So, there is an opportunity for everyone to start a great business with a minor investment. Drones can create exclusive aerial photo and video content for marketing and advertising. Major companies reserve to the third party providers […]

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How Landlords Can Get the Most Out of Rental Business With Digital Marketing

They say that digital marketing is the future of any business. However, for so many building owners and landlords looking to entice renters, the thought of attempting a digital marketing campaign can seem like a step that’s easy to get wrong. A step that can potentially cause some irreparable damage to their reputation along the […]

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The Basics of ACH Payments and How They Could Benefit Your Business

This is a guest post written by Mariah K. Young. As a Digital Marketing Specialist at Dwolla, she helps educate people on the ideal API for moving money from one bank account to another. If you’d like to learn more about Dwolla’s ACH API, visit the blog.

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Five Ways to Make Rental Paperwork Easier

By Claire Murdough, HelloSign So you’ve found a perfect tenant and you’ve secured a handshake agreement. Now it’s time to find a printer, print the rental agreement, send it to the tenant, wait for them to sign it and scan it back, and then file the document somewhere in the depths of a filing cabinet.

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