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How to Practice Real Estate Photography Skills

While you are on a lockdown

The coronavirus outbreak has literally paralyzed the world. Entire economies and industries have been shut down while people are on complete lockdown. Citizens are warned to practice self-isolation and social distancing.

While the world is going through a hard time during this crisis, there are some things you can do to practice your real estate photography skills and become better. When all this is behind you, use these skills to start growing your photography business.

Since the world will recover from this outbreak, it’s much better to be prepared to start anew. With that in mind, we’re going to share great tips on how to hone your photography skills during the coronavirus lockdown.

How to Kill Time During a Lockdown

Since you’ll be having a lot of free time on your hands, let’s see what useful things you can do to kill that time by being productive. The foreseeable future will be a unique time, with many great opportunities coming your way, and there’s no better time for building a wide range of skills.

Being a photographer isn’t only about building your skills; it’s a whole business that needs proper marketing, organization, and so on. So, here are some ideas on what you can do during the lockdown.

Improve your marketing skills

As a photographer, having, at least, the basic set of marketing skills helps you grow. Since the pandemic forces you to stay home, you can use this time to learn all about how social media marketing helps photographers to market their real estate photos with success.

On top of all that, you’ll also learn how to use your expertise to reach wider audiences and explore new market opportunities. You can find out many interesting things on how to prepare your real estate photos for sales, among many other things.

Organize your files

In photography, files and archives are among the essential tools to grow your business. Even more so if you’re a real estate photographer.

Having a lot of free time on your hands is a great moment to check all your files, sort through your old and most recent works, and archive your photo material in an orderly manner. Your files should be easily accessible, retrievable, shareable, and editable.

Update your portfolio and website

It has never been more important to keep your website and portfolio up to date than today. What better time to update both than now.

Going back through your old work can be an eye-opening discovery and revelation as there’s always something that you’ve missed or forgotten about. While you’re at it, why not have some fun while shooting solid fresh material for your updated portfolio.

Tips for Honing Your Real Estate Photography

Now, since you have a couple of great ideas on how to spend time during the lockdown, let’s delve deeper into things you can do to make your photography skills perfect. If you want to remain competitive in the online world of today, these tips will help you tackle some new techniques to leave your clients in awe with the most immersive real estate photography.

1. Learn to use a tripod

For some reason, many real estate photographers make the same mistake by constantly forgetting about this little, but a handy thing called a tripod. It helps you get and handle decent exposure while it also helps handle low light.

Still, the best thing about using a tripod is that you can experiment with HDR techniques, which are pretty useful in real estate photos. So, make sure that you check out some of the best tripod recommendations.

Practice with tripod

2. Try different flashes

Regardless of what photography you’re into, having more than one flash is always a good thing for many different reasons. Keeping at least one portable light with you at all times is an excellent idea.

Having one flash covers photos of closets and small rooms, but if you have to work with larger areas, you’ll need two or more lights. Of course, you can always use natural light for larger spaces, but if that’s not an option, it’s better to be prepared.

Speaking of additional lights, don’t forget to bring light stands as well. You can use the little one that you’ve got with your Speedlite, but that won’t be enough to capture breathtaking photos that will impress your clients.

3. Wide-angle lenses help capture great photos

Wide-angle lenses are excellent for real estate photography as they provide a high level of versatility to work with. That aside, these lenses provide the right kind of sharpness you need while making sure that your focus is spot on at all times.

Making real estate photos usually requires working with and in large spaces. Therefore, you’ll need to work with wide-angle lenses.

4. Learn to use preset editing

Use Adobe Photoshop to edit your photos easily and quickly. Photoshop offers many great features you can use for this, most notably, Lightroom, but you can also consider using the SLR Lounge Lightroom Preset System. Why is this important? Because using preset editing allows you to develop your own photography style.

On top of that, it also allows you to create stunning, competitive, and attention-grabbing photos promptly. It will help you get the wanted results that your clients will appreciate while saving time and effort, as well as resources along the way.

Create photo portfolio

5. Learn all about advanced editing techniques

In every photography niche, especially real estate, image editing techniques are what separates one photographer from the other. Proper editing takes far more than just a few clicks.

The more you know about the latest, most advanced editing techniques, the more you’re able to beat your competition and create the best photos on the market.

Anyone can take a photo, but not everyone can edit their work and mold it into a driving machine that results in increased revenue. Your photography is as good as your editing skills; keep that in mind.

6. Consider consulting with a professional

Getting tips from experts and professionals is the best way to gain knowledge that will allow you to turn what you know into expertise. No one can tell you better about photography than a professional photographer.

From equipment and techniques to editing and marketing, they can advise you on how to become a professional real estate photographer. Contact Smart Photo Editors and ask for consultations.


These tips are supposed to help you nail your real estate photography right to the wall, but they’re also meant to help you upgrade your photography knowledge. It’s also essential to have your gear prepared before you start shooting.

A lot of your success depends on getting the right camera and knowing how to set it up properly. Also, the latest trend in real estate photography is the use of a drone as well as making videos of the property. You can also take your clients on a virtual tour around the property by using virtual reality. Everything depends on your budget.

Author Bio: Isabella Foreman is a content writer by profession and enjoys writing on travel, photography, home improvement, and cooking. She is now associated with Smart Photo Editors. She spends her off-work time with family and travel to explore new places!

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