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How Keyless Entry Systems Can Help You Manage Properties More Efficiently

Landlords need to use all possible tools at their disposal to facilitate the organization and management of their properties. Also, as a landlord, you are responsible for ensuring your tenants’ safety and making your properties a pleasant place to live.

According to data on burglary rates, renters fall victim to burglaries more often than homeowners, and the average cost of burglary losses is over $2,500So, how can property managers improve the efficiency of their properties to make renters feel more secure?

Read on to get information that will seriously enhance the management and security planning of your properties. This article will cover the benefits of keyless entry systems and how they can help landlords manage properties more efficiently and improve tenant satisfaction.

The Benefits of Keyless Entry Systems on Property Management

Access control is a major part of building security, but it can have other benefits too. This section will demonstrate the pros that come with installing a keyless entry system that integrates with your management technology.

Enhanced Security 

If you install a door lock system that needs a keyless access card to permit entry, you reduce the risk of unauthorized access. Physical locks can be picked and can make your building more vulnerable to security threats.

There is a data trail with keyless access, as the system logs the devices and access cards used to access the building. If an access card has been misplaced or stolen, it can be deactivated remotely to prevent unauthorized use.

Easier Access For Tenants 

The best part of an entry system that doesn’t require a physical key, only a mobile device or access code, is that it allows tenants to enter your building more quickly.

Depending on the frequency the door panel is set to, and whether it allows for Bluetooth activation, your tenants may not even need to reach in their pockets to enter the building. 

Loss of physical keys can cause renters great distress, especially if they are stuck outside the building late at night with nowhere else to stay and no means to enter their home. This is an excellent solution to facilitate the safety of your tenants.

Quicker Resolution Of Incidents

If there is a security concern in your building, tenants need to know that you can resolve the issue quickly. 

By pairing the video camera feed to an access system, you can view the access card used along with a video of the person entering the building to determine how access was misappropriated and then inform law enforcement or take the necessary measures to resolve it. If you can resolve issues like this quickly, your tenants will feel less vulnerable and more protected in their homes.

Additional Integrated Features for Property Management

Want to make the most of any system you install to help with property management? The access system can act as a foundation for building other elements that will enhance how effectively you manage your properties. This section will cover some of the valuable features that you can add to your system.

Occupancy Management 

You can use occupancy management software paired with access control to help you to identify how many people are inside your building. This will be helpful in an emergency evacuation of the building, letting you know exactly how many people are inside. It can also help you identify which amenities are most popular in your facility and clarify any redundant extras that you could replace with something else.

Amenity Booking 

Amenity booking is a great way to ensure your building provides health and safety measures for your tenants. You can select how many tenants are allowed in the gym or pool area at one time, and it will enable them to book half-hour slots to have a safer experience while using the amenities available to them.

Video Management

Video management is an essential part of building safety. It allows you to view who is entering to ensure that all access to the building is authorized. It provides access information and video feed to be viewed on one interface, offering a more user-friendly experience for your security team.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Access Control?

The main disadvantage to consider when it comes to access control is cost. However, you can mitigate this concern by considering the value-enhanced security offers to your building through its convenience to your tenants.

Overall, it makes a good investment, as it can save property managers time spent replacing keys and resolving security breaches.


If the safety of your tenants matters to you, you may want to install access control for your buildings. You will plan your security and manage your facilities more efficiently, making your buildings more secure and a more pleasant place to live. Consider enhancing your installed system with integrations to improve the way tenants use amenities within the building.

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